Xiaomi 14 Ultra 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Dual SIM - Global Version

Xiaomi 14 Ultra 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Dual SIM - Global Version

One+ Open - 512GB,16GB RAM

One+ Open - 512GB,16GB RAM

Xiaomi 12 5G

Xiaomi 12 5G

Xiaomi 14 Ultra 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Dual SIM - Global Version

100% of 100
As low as AED 3,999.00

All prices include UAE VAT

SIM Option - Dual Physical SIM ( No e-Sim )

Xiaomi 14 Ultra 16GB RAM 512GB ROM

Global Version Model: 24030PN60G

1-year Warranty

WQHD+ 6.73" AMOLED Display
Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Processor
50MP+50MP+50MP+50MP Camera
5000mAh (typ) battery

Same-day free delivery in U.A.E
4 to 5 days delivery to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait
3 to 4 Days Express Delivery to the Rest of the world

Xiaomi Guardian Structure

Rock solid with twice the reliability
The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a brand-new 6M42 high-strength aluminum frame, Xiaomi Shield Glass and a next-generation Xiaomi nano-tech vegan leather. Triple protection ensures durability and reliability.

High-strength aluminum frame
The Xiaomi 14 Ultra adopts a brand-new 6M42 integrated high-strength aluminum frame material, with the metal frame extending to the back of the body, doubling the rigidity compared to the Xiaomi 13 Pro. The reliable body ensures worry-free usage.

Xiaomi Shield Glass
Bright and clear, solid and wear-resistant
The screen glass panel on Xiaomi 14 Ultra is crafted from Xiaomi Shield Glass. This glass incorporates all-new materials, forming an interlocking structure through high-temperature sintering. While maintaining transparency, it surpasses regular glass in strength, boasting a 10x improvement in drop resistance*. This ensures the screen glass remains clear, transparent, robust, and resistant to wear, providing a consistent sense of assurance.

New Xiaomi nano-tech vegan leather
Wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and even more durable
The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features the latest generation of nano-tech vegan leather, boasting attributes like stain resistance, antibacterial properties, and environmental friendliness. Additionally, it incorporates a newly developed highly wear-resistant formula that increases the density of branching reactive functional groups. This enhances the intermolecular crosslinking and interlocking structure, resulting in a tighter, more robust overall construction and improved wear resistance.

All Around Liquid Display
An unmatchable visual and tactile experience
Through innovative processes, we've optimized the panel with multiple layers of stress to enhance its flexibility. This allows for deep bending around all four sides and corners, creating a seamlessly elegant curved form. The outstanding grip provides an ultimate tactile sensation, delivering an exceptional visual experience.

Xiaomi-custom C8 display panel
Professional WQHD+ ultra-clear display
Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a Xiaomi-custom C8 display panel with WQHD+ resolution and 1-120Hz LTPO technology, offering higher light efficiency and lower power consumption. This results in a more refined and excellent viewing experience for daily use.

Xiaomi and Leica
Co-engineered next-generation optical lens
Xiaomi 14 Ultra's Leica Summilux optical lens features a large aperture and excellent optical performance. It not only captures beautiful detail in low-light environments, but also delivers outstanding color reproduction, contrast, and resolution.

1-inch image sensor
Capture the elusive beauty of the night with ease
The all-new Sony's LYT-900 sensor features a 1-inch sensor size and 3.2µm 4-in-1 Super Pixel, delivering outstanding low-light performance. Paired with the Dual Native ISO Fusion Max technology, it achieves an exceptionally high dynamic range, capturing unprecedented nuances in light and shadow details.

ƒ/1.63 to ƒ/4.0 variable aperture
Stepless light control
Xiaomi 14 Ultra's main camera boasts leading optical technology allowing for precise control of light. Incorporating a state-of-the-art step-less light control system powered by an F1.63-F4.0 step-less variable aperture.

Leica professional optical lens
Ultra focal length
Xiaomi, in collaboration with Leica, has developed the VARIO-SUMMILUX 1:1.63-2.5/12-120 ASPH next-generation lens set. Now you can cover the full range of optical focal lengths. In addition, all four lenses feature a 50MP image sensor, allowing Xiaomi mobile imaging to reach new heights.

Street photography across all focal lengths
Street Photography on Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been newly upgraded, covering the 6 focal lengths from 23mm to 135mm. It includes an added rangefinder viewfinder and supports customizable street photography parameters. Convenient for capturing moments on the go, it allows easy documentation of every beautiful instant encountered.

The first-ever AI LM computational photography platform
60 TOPS powerful computing power not only gives computing capabilities to large computational photography models, it also provides ultra-high throughput capabilities for the entire imaging system. Even when taking continuous snapshots, it is still possible to assign a complete algorithm to each photo.

Cinema-level 14EV
high dynamic range
Xiaomi 14 Ultra adopts an all-new LYT-900 1-inch large sensor, featuring a cutting-edge 22nm process that reduces power consumption by 43%*. With Dual Native ISO Fusion Max supported it achieves a cinema-level 14EV dynamic range. Whether capturing photos or videos, highlights are not overexposed, and details in the shadows are retained, ensuring an excellent reproduction of every imaging result.

Master Videography
Xiaomi 14 Ultra's MasterCinema records high-dynamic-range videos in the 10-bit Rec.2020. It captures more details in both highlights and shadows, presenting them on HDR screens with a dynamic range that closely resembles human vision. With just one click, you can produce masterful videos with cinematic tones and sophisticated grayscale, elevating your content creation to a professional level.

4-MIC Array
Capture a world of sound in 360°
Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been upgraded in hardware with a 4-Mic array. This surround-sound, three-dimensional microphone setup enhances audio capture capabilities, faithfully reproducing the immersive on-site auditory experience. Additionally, it supports directional audio recording and Audio Zoom, achieving studio-quality recording effects right on your smartphone.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform
Leading performance and energy efficiency
The new 1+5+2 architecture improves CPU performance by 32%.* GPU performance improves by 34%*, graphic performance reaches all new levels, while power consumption has significantly improved with new optimizations. Whether you're using Xiaomi 14 Ultra for everyday tasks, intensive gaming or professional creativity, you'll get an amazing experience.

Xiaomi Dual-Channel IceLoop System
Independent camera cooling system
Xiaomi 14 Ultra introduces an all-new liquid cooling system, supporting the overall device cooling experience while adding a dedicated thermal loop for the camera. This efficient design ensures optimal thermal performance for your daily usage and professional photography needs, delivering an overall cooling experience.

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