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  1. -12%
    Romoss Portable Charging Station
    was AED1,069.95 Special Price AED943.95
  2. -44%
    Xiaomi MI Power bank -16000 mAh
    was AED303.45 Special Price AED169.05
  3. -62%
    Xiaomi MI Power bank -10000 mAh
    was AED208.95 Special Price AED78.75
  4. -33%
    samsung external battery pack-5200 mah
    was AED313.95 Special Price AED208.95
  5. -12%
    Powerology 8000mAh 8 in 1 Power Bank Station
    was AED799.05 Special Price AED699.30
  6. -26%
    Samsung Wireless Charger Portable Battery
    was AED607.95 Special Price AED450.45
  7. -63%
    Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh -Gold
    was AED198.45 Special Price AED72.45
  8. -22%
    Comma 8000 mAh King Series Wireless Power bank
    was AED208.95 Special Price AED163.80
  9. -73%
    Mi Band 2 Strap
    was AED150.15 Special Price AED40.95
  10. -78%
    Mi Band 2 Charger
    was AED138.60 Special Price AED30.45
  11. -43%
    20000mAh Mi Power Bank 1 -White
    was AED313.95 Special Price AED178.50
  12. -36%
    20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2C -White
    was AED311.85 Special Price AED198.45
  13. -61%
    Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mAh - Silver
    was AED184.80 Special Price AED72.45
  14. -55%
    Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 2
    was AED219.45 Special Price AED98.70
  15. -53%
    10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro - Grey
    was AED250.95 Special Price AED118.65
  16. -56%
    Samsung Battery Pack -5100mAh
    was AED187.95 Special Price AED82.95
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43 items

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