Samsung 65inch Series 9 SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV -65js9000

Regular Price: AED9,360

Special Price AED9,150

  • SUHD - Nano Crystal Technology

  • Curved Screen

  • Multi Link Screen



1 year Warranty


Original BrandNew Product


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Sensorial colour innovation

Get closer to life on TV than ever before with sensational ultra-high definition pictures that take you to the visual beyond. View brilliant colours that are so lifelike, they stimulate more than just your sight for a total sensory experience that makes everything you watch seem real. Using ground breaking Nano Crystal Technology, the backlight panel emits radiant light to create outstandingly precise and rich colours. Experience a spectacular range of shades, along with the deepest of blacks and most pristine whites that come to life in the most magical way. Prepare to discover Samsung’s all-new SUHD TV, designed to excite all your senses.


Through Samsung’s unique re-mastering algorithm, the video source of a non-SUHD content is analysed and remastered so that the content can be displayed as close to what’s intended by the content creator.

Elegance defined by patterns, curves and minimalism

The JS9000 is defined by elegant curves that wrap around the curved screen for a minimal look in a sleek metallic body. A gorgeous metallic plate wraps around the back of the screen, and features a unique shirring pattern for added detail and graceful tension. Supported by a stylish yet subtle Y beam stand, it creates a floating effect that draws your eyes naturally to the screen and immerses you fully into the action. It explores a new design identity for TVs, presenting a graceful, elegant and minimal look that enhances the immersive experience.

Better optimisation for superior picture quality

Samsung’s advanced segmented dimming technology lets you enjoy much more vivid and dramatic viewing with deeper black and purer white shades. Micro Dimming Pro processes the image by dividing it up into twice as many blocks than standard Micro Dimming, delivering even more powerful contrast enhancement that lets you enjoy all your entertainment with images more defined than ever.