OnePlus Buds 3

OnePlus Buds 3

One+ 12R 5G - 256GB 16GB RAM (Stock from One+ India)

One+ 12R 5G - 256GB 16GB RAM (Stock from One+ India)

One+ 12 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Global Version (Stock from One+ India)

One+ 12 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Global Version (Stock from One+ India)

OnePlus Buds 3

100% of 100
As low as AED 319.00

All prices include UAE VAT

3 Months Warranty

Dual Dynamic Drivers With Basswave Enhancement
Breathtaking Hi-Res Audio With LHDC 5.0
Up to 49dB Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Up to 44 hours Playback
Touch Volume Control

Same-day free delivery in U.A.E
4 to 6 days delivery to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait
3 to 5 Days Express delivery to the Rest of the world

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Spectacular Immersive Audio

Experience stunning audio with OnePlus Buds 3’s enhanced hardware, adaptive noise cancellation, and hi-res sound that truly delivers “Harmony Unfiltered.”

Bolder, beautiful harmony

Treat your ears to a symphony of dynamic, immersive audio powered by OnePlus Buds 3’s dual drivers and BassWave enhancement.

Scintillating lows

Buds 3’s 10.4mm woofer teams up with BassWave™ to add a little more rhythm to your step, boosted by a streamlined design where the woofer and tweeter are placed together, leaving more room in the sound cavity for delivering deep, pulsing bass. The woofer’s dual outer layer of TPU material adds more to the mix by increasing the bass’s vibrancy for added rumble and depth that you can feel while you groove to your favorite track.

Crisp, clear highs

The 6mm tweeter projects a wider range of beautiful high notes and vocals with a subtle, delicate, and rich emotional tone that sounds like you’re watching your favorite artist sing live. Hear high-pitched instruments and percussion more clearly for a more dynamic, layered listening experience.

Immaculate vocals

Serenade your ears with stunning vocal harmonies created by the high-precision coaxial driver design with thicker speakers for clearer and brighter vocals.

Hi-res audio for low-key listening

Relax to your favorite high-resolution music courtesy of an LHDC 5.0 codec and Hi-Res audio certification that delivers natural, studio-quality audio.

For your ears only

Get the ear-pleasing, personalized listening experience you deserve with OnePlus Audio ID 2.0. Make a quick ear scan to create a unique audio profile that hits all the right notes.

Welcome to 3D Audio

Immerse yourself in OnePlus 3D Audio’s dynamic three-dimensional soundscape. Multi-directional audio puts you centerstage for an experience that feels like a live concert.

Unbeatable noise control

With OnePlus Buds 3, you get a serene listening experience with smarter, more accurate noise cancellation that blocks out nearly all background noise.

Hear the melody through the chaos

Adaptive noise cancellation automatically scans the shape of your ear canal to keep the music flowing and block unwanted noise with maximum accuracy.

Quieter behind-the-scenes

Turn on Smart Scene Noise Cancellation and our intelligent algorithm will work in the background and analyze your location’s ambient noise for a more balanced and comfortable noise cancellation experience. Choose one of three intensity levels – Mild, Moderate, and Max – for noise-free listening that turns on the moment you put on your earbuds.

Always be heard

Our AI Clear Call algorithm keeps your calls free of wind and background noise, with the help of three built-in mics and an anti-wind noise design to ensure your voice is loud and clear, no matter where you are.

Worry-free workouts? No sweat!

Conquer sweaty workouts and rainy days with an IP55 water and dust resistance rating.

Prepare your all-day playlist

Strap in for a day plus of music, calls, gaming, and watching videos with Buds 3’s outstanding battery life.

Wave goodbye to bad connections

Bluetooth 5.3 and improved stability help you jam to your favorite music and make calls uninterrupted by shaky connections.

Fast and smooth pairing

Google Fast Pair gets you connected with your Android device and listening to your favorite music in no time.

Do more with dual connections

OnePlus Buds 3 supports connecting to two devices simultaneously for quick and easy device switching to take your multitasking to the next level.

Game-winning low latency

Whether you’re storming through an intense gaming session or chilling with your favorite tunes, OnePlus Buds 3’s 94ms low latency keeps your audio clear, smooth, and stable.

A symphony of light and shadow

OnePlus Buds 3 comes in two magnificent colorways – Metallic Gray and Splendid Blue. The blended metallic and matte finish plays subtly with light and shadow for a visually stunning appearance that looks modern, elegant, and premium.

Wearable ergonomic bliss

We scanned thousands of ear models to create OnePlus Buds 3’s lightweight 4.8g ergonomic design that sits snugly in your ears for hours of comfortable listening, Including three different sizes of ear tips to help you achieve the best fit.

Volume control at your fingertips

Slide your finger up or down on Buds 3’s stems to raise or lower the volume.

Do it all with HeyMelody

Manage your listening experience and change settings effortlessly with the OnePlus HeyMelody app.

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