OPPO Find X6 Pro 5G-256GB,16GB RAM,Desert Silver Moon-Chinese Version with Global ROM

OPPO Find X6 Pro 5G-256GB,16GB RAM,Desert Silver Moon-Chinese Version with Global ROM

Oppo Find N3 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Global Version

Oppo Find N3 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM Global Version

Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G-256GB,12GB RAM Gloss  Global Version

Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G-256GB,12GB RAM Gloss Global Version

OPPO Find X6 Pro 5G-256GB,16GB RAM,Desert Silver Moon-Chinese Version with Global ROM

AED 4,999.00

All prices include UAE VAT

6.82 inch AMOLED Display
120Hz, Dolby Vision, HDR10+
Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Processor
256GB ROM + 16GB RAM
50MP+50MP+50MP Camera
Li-Po 5000 mAh Battery

1 Year Warranty

Same-day free delivery in U.A.E
4 to 5 days delivery to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait
3 to 4 Days Express Delivery to the Rest of the world

Professional image, same inside and outside

Paying tribute to the classic camera design, and carrying professional images with harmonious aesthetics, the inner strength can be recognized at a glance.

The era of full master photography is now open

Super light and shadow three main cameras are professional
The leading sensor configuration and excellent mobile optics technology make the amount of light entering each lens an unprecedented leap. Far or near, bright or dark, open or focused, forward or backlighting, professionally give you the creative freedom you want.

1" outsole wide angle
F1.8 Super Large Aperture | OIS Optical Image Stabilization | High Transmittance Glass Lens | ALC Subwavelength Structure Coating

Free-form super wide-angle
1/1.56 inch sensor area | F2.2 large aperture | 110° wide viewing angle | free-form surface lens

super light perception periscope telephoto
1/1.56 inch sensor area | F2.6 large aperture | suspension prism anti-shake | 65mm golden focal length

1-inch outsole wide-angle captures light, "meticulous"
The collection of light is the starting point of the image. The wide-angle lens adopts a 1-inch super-large-area sensor, combined with an F1.8 super-large aperture lens group, bringing unprecedented photosensitivity improvements. In a low-light environment, it can still capture clear, delicate, and vivid highlight moments.

Ultra-sensing periscope telephoto vision, no matter day or night
The ultra-outsole periscope telephoto has brought the industry's revolutionary level of light sensitivity improvement, low-light telephoto, still has high-quality performance: clear, delicate, vivid colors, and real light and shadow. Equipped with suspended prism anti-shake, it brings unprecedented low-light telephoto quality.

Super light and shadow image engine controls light, making the picture vivid and perceptible
The most powerful image engine in the Find X series history intelligently invokes the powerful computing power of the Mariana MariSilicon X image-specific NPU chip, reconstructs the image processing process, and effectively improves the purity of the picture; original photon matrix map, pixel-level calibrated brightness information, to restore the real light and shadow. Give the picture a sense of presence that can be stepped into.

Hasselblad Natural Color Optimizer Professional, More Beautiful
Do color, join forces. OPPO's color science brings precise color capture, and Hasselblad's natural color solution restores delicate, vivid, and colorful Vientiane. Professional partner, great shot.

Every shot of Hasselblad's portrait is a work
Excellent image configuration, Hasselblad professional adjustment, presents a more natural optical blur effect. With Hasselblad's classic portrait perspective, the work-level portrait effect is at your fingertips. Wherever you stand, there is the best studio.

Hasselblad professional mode condenses light and shadow, interprets classics
The professional mode inherits the color adjustment of the Hasselblad camera, bringing a more natural and professional image quality. Portraits, scenery, humanities, everything is Hasselblad texture. Thanks to the powerful super light and shadow image engine of Find X6 Pro, it retains the three-dimensional tone while presenting rich details.

Dolby Vision HDR video recording comes to life
Want to make a vlog? Now, the shot is cinematic. The Find X series supports Dolby Vision HDR video recording for the first time. Are you ready to record your higher "dynamic" "dynamic"? At the same time, it supports binaural recording 2.0, sound and picture, both as if you are on the scene.

Full-focus 4K HD video
With the super light and shadow triple main camera, Find X6 Pro supports multi-focus 4K 60fps high-quality recording, bringing a richer lens language to your high-definition masterpieces.

Dynamic ultra-light shadow screen light transparent, deep shadow

Peak brightness and punctuation is eye-catching
The brightest screen of the Find X series so far is likely to be a new record for the industry. With a peak brightness of up to 2500 nits, you can see clearly even in bright sunlight. The high dynamic display has reached a new high, and the picture is lifelike as if it is about to break through the screen and extend to the real world.

ProXDR shows reconstructed light and shadow space on the screen
The photon matrix display technology accurately restores the light and shadow distribution of each pixel in the screen by collecting more than 12 million photon information points, achieving a brightness increase of up to 8 times. It is dark and deep, bright and transparent, with clear layers and real presence.

Leading flagship powerful, efficient, and stable

The second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform,
a new generation of flagship performance

cold enough to be strong
Brand new high thermal conductivity graphite, super large area vacuum chamber vapor chamber, combined with the first introduced multi-dimensional directional heat insulation technology, let cool from the inside out.

ColorOS Supercomputing Platform
Subversive Performance Breakthrough
Extreme energy efficiency, long-term use, and smoothness.

Stable and smooth e-sports gaming experience
HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology fully releases powerful performance. Always be stable, always win, and easily enjoy the e-sports game experience.

Fast charging, easy use
Find X6 Pro supports 100W super flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging, and it only takes 10 minutes at the fastest to charge the battery to 50%. It also supports ultra-low temperature charging, and can still charge stably in extreme environments as low as -20°C. Equipped with a battery health engine, it can be used for a long time once and for a long time.

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