LG 20 inch TV Monitor-20MT48


  • Wide Angle of View

  • Ready for Wall Installation

  • Gaming Mode (Black Stabilizer / DAS Mode)

  • Cinema Mode

  • USB AutoRun



1 year Warranty


Original BrandNew Product


WorldWide Delivery


On the wall

Install your TV Monitor on the wall according to the configuration and decoration of the environment that uses it, and have advantages of greater use of space where to install it.

Gaming Mode

You can enjoy a professional gaming environment with several Gaming Modes. With Black Stabilizer, you detect enemies in darker areas of the screen, providing complete visibility. And with Dynamic Action Sync Mode (DAS Mode) you instantly attack your opponent without any delay during games.

Cinema Mode

Perfect for watching a movie in your private space whenever you want. The full visibility of Movie Mode prevents you from losing any important scene in the movie, even in the darkest scenes where there is no brightness.

USB AutoRun

With USB AutoRUN you save your time. With ease in use, simply plug a media into the USB port, which content starts immediately only when you turn on the TV Monitor.

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