What to Wear for a Weekend with His Parents

Jul 21 2015 Comments

Luckily, the two aren’t mutually exclusive and we’ve rounded up some flawless fashion choices perfect for whatever the weekend may bring.

10 Style Mistakes That Are (Probably) Aging You

Jul 21 2015 Comments

Looking for the fountain of youth? Skip the Eat, Pray, Love journey. All you have to do is chuck these 10 style mistakes and you’ll look younger overnight. Hey, we share because we care. 

14 Shoe Hacks That’ll Put Pep Back in Your Step

Jul 21 2015 Comments

Pricey shoe repairs are for amateurs. We’re no MacGyver, but if you give us a hair dryer, a jar of petroleum jelly and a pair of pumps, we can hack our way out of just about any shoe dilemma. And guess what? So can you. It doesn’t take boatloads of money or hours of back-breaking tinkering, all you need is a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of patience. Ready to take matters into your own hands? Here are 14 super simple shoe hacks that will blow your mind. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Glasses Trends and How to Find the Perfect Frames for Your Face

Jul 21 2015 Comments

They were a larger style than I would’ve normally picked—but once I put them on, they were NOT coming off.

10 Designer Lines for High Fashion Kids

Jul 21 2015 Comments

Toddlers may grow so fast that they need completely new wardrobes every few months (and in some cases weeks), but that’s not stopping fashion-forward parents with a taste for luxury from paying top dollar for designer looks for their little ones. To that end, countless high-end designers have branched out into children’s wear — yes that means Bonpoint is no longer the pinnacle of toddler luxury.

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