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  1. -10%
    BlackBerry KEY2 LE -64GB/4GB RAM Dual Sim
    was AED1,506.75 Special Price AED1,349.25
  2. -6%
    BlackBerry Key2 128GB Dual Sim- English keyboard
    was AED2,535.75 Special Price AED2,378.25
  3. -18%
    BlackBerry Aurora
    was AED887.25 Special Price AED729.75
  4. -9%
    BlackBerry Keyone Silver 32GB
    was AED1,722.00 Special Price AED1,564.50
  5. -4%
    BlackBerry Evolve -64GB/4GB RAM Dual Sim
    was AED1,573.95 Special Price AED1,512.00
  6. -8%
    BlackBerry Key2 64GB Dual Sim -English keyboard
    was AED2,056.95 Special Price AED1,899.45
  7. -13%
    BlackBerry Keyone - 64GB Dual Sim - bronz
    was AED1,153.95 Special Price AED1,009.05
  8. -8%
    BlackBerry Keyone -Black Limited Edition Single Sim -64GB
    was AED1,942.50 Special Price AED1,785.00
  9. -9%
    BlackBerry Motion -32GB Dual Sim
    was AED1,753.50 Special Price AED1,596.00
  10. -12%
    BlackBerry Keyone -Black Limited Edition Dual Sim -64GB
    was AED1,306.20 Special Price AED1,148.70
  11. -18%
    BlackBerry DTEK60
    was AED856.80 Special Price AED699.30
  12. -17%
    BlackBerry Z10 -LTE
    was AED477.75 Special Price AED397.95
  13. -22%
    BlackBerry DTEK50
    was AED706.65 Special Price AED549.15
  14. -14%
    BlackBerry Priv Arabic version
    was AED1,132.95 Special Price AED975.45
  15. -13%
    BlackBerry Priv English Keypad
    was AED1,256.85 Special Price AED1,099.35
  16. -10%
    BlackBerry Passport -white
    was AED726.60 Special Price AED656.25
  17. -18%
    BlackBerry Passport -Black English
    was AED861.00 Special Price AED703.50
  18. -17%
    BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition
    was AED1,510.95 Special Price AED1,258.95
  19. -23%
    BlackBerry Q10-White-English
    was AED681.45 Special Price AED523.95
  20. -28%
    BlackBerry Q10-White-Arabic
    was AED555.45 Special Price AED397.95
  21. -17%
    Blakcberry Q5-Black
    was AED502.95 Special Price AED418.95
  22. -22%
    BlackBerry Z30 -4G LTE
    was AED714.00 Special Price AED556.50
  23. -9%
    BlackBerry Porsche Design P9983
    was AED1,806.00 Special Price AED1,648.50
  24. -17%
    BlackBerry Z3
    was AED414.75 Special Price AED345.45
  25. -35%
    BlackBerry Leap
    was AED455.70 Special Price AED298.20
  26. -32%
    BlackBerry Z10 - White
    was AED498.75 Special Price AED341.25
  27. -42%
    BlackBerry Z10-Black
    was AED817.95 Special Price AED471.45
  28. -17%
    BlackBerry Classic -Q20 -Arabic/English
    was AED1,384.95 Special Price AED1,153.95
  29. -1%
    BlackBerry Classic -Q20-Enlgish Keypad
    was AED681.45 Special Price AED672.00
  30. -17%
    BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981-Black-Arabic
    was AED2,770.95 Special Price AED2,308.95
  31. -17%
    BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981-Silver-English
    was AED2,770.95 Special Price AED2,308.95
  32. -21%
    BlackBerry Q10-Gold Edtion
    was AED733.95 Special Price AED576.45
  33. -17%
    BlackBerry Q10-Black- Arabic
    was AED913.50 Special Price AED761.25
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